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Artist Bios

Jen Anisef
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jen Anisef largely finds herself facilitating other makers in craft endeavours through Toronto-based community craft projects such as Her ongoing house hunting exploits and love of fabric scraps inspired her to create Block Party rowhouses for the Wunderkabinet. She hopes to find a house with room for a designated crafting space to call her own.

Detroit, Michigan, USA
bettula is Heather Fagan’s line of birch bark jewelry, home goods and art. Her work consists of simple designs that reflect the patterns and detail found in the natural world.

Lana Bragina
Hamburg, Germany
Lana Bragina is a crochet artist based in Hamburg.
Her special interest is the sculptural wearable crochet.
She started to crochet few years ago and sell the object on etsy.
In her day job she is a graphic designer.

Rosalyn Faustino
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rosalyn R. Faustino lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She loves working with small and intimate sculptures that manifest from trials and errors. The malleability of material and the exploration of domesticated process have largely affected her work. When she’s not making art, she spends most of her time looking at pretty fabrics.

Berlin, Germany
Forkit! by sarah.kelley, is a line of body ornaments, created by Sarah Kelley from Richmond, VA, using found objects, upcycled chain, and scap leather. As an artsist/designer having graduated from VCU for Fashion Design, she is increasingly intersted in blurring the line between accessorie and clothing. Very litttle planning goes into what the out come of the ornament will look like, prefering to leave it up to the spur of the moment mood and feeling keeping the energy fresh with every peice.

Rainey Nasugraq Hopson
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska
Rainey Nasugraq Hopson is an Inupiaq Eskimo woman who lives in the Brooks range mountains of northern Alaskan with her Hunting Partner(Husband). Originally from a village on the coast by the name of Point Hope, she was ‘stolen’ from her village by a very handsome and Inupiaq Nunamiut mountain man. He surrounds her with Native riches and beauty so she is more than content. Nasugraq’s days consist of artwork and mythological stories, and sometimes she thinks deep thoughts that have no answers but define the questions better. She has four dogs, one old black cat, and an internet connection that has it’s own particular sense of humor. She and her partner live a mainly traditional lifestyle in which they live off the land as much as possible.

Lori Hutchinson
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lori Hutchinson is a 22 year old artist living in Toronto with her husband and two cats.
She enjoys working in a variety of media including acrylics, watercolours, embroidery, and printmaking. Inspired by geometry, the ocean, delicate things, and dark moody colours.

Marcy Miranda Janes
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Marcy Miranda Janes is an Oregon-born paper and fiber artist living in Tucson, Arizona, where the abundance of fantastic insects, odd birds and spiny plants become symbols of longings, memories, dread and hope in her cut-paper pelvis valentines. The pelvises harbor influences of Victorian valentines, Mexican papel picado, surrealism, field notebooks and travel diaries. They are attached to the bindings of old hymnals, and framed with woods scavenged from old ballroom floors, musical instruments, and the occasional cedar hope chest.

Becky Johnson
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Becky is a multi-disciplinary maker from Toronto of Canada. Her creative output includes zines (a cette dame, Point Form), improvised comedic performance (IRON COBRA, The Sufferettes, catch23), retail craft products (the sweetie pie press), craft-based art and installations (The Security Envelope Project, Hive Series, The Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef) as well as countless other special projects in the visual and literary worlds. Becky is a co-founder of Toronto indie craft fair, City of Craft, and is currently at it helm. You can also spy on her travels, tours, work and thoughts via her blog –

Julia Anichkina aka JuliAni
Berlin, Germany
Originally from Moscow, Russia. While studying in University, Julia started her career as a copywriter in advertising. It was an interesting field to work in, but after 5 years of wrapping ideas into words, she was dying to create something with her hands. And that’s how the JuliAni brand was born. Julia moved to Berlin and became a handmade artist. She knits, crochets and makes one of a kind jewelery.

The Misanthrope Specialty Co.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Misanthrope Specialty Co. is a secret society of untrained dilettantes based in Toronto, with satellite members living in Miner’s Prayer, Montréal and Alsaua. They collaborate weekly, either in person on through the mail on a variety of projects, including illustration, film, music, moonshining and taxidermy.

Émilie Voirin
London, England
Emilie Voirin is a French product designer based in London.
She has established a studio mainly centered on design products and art, performance and writing.
Has worked and showcased in Germany, France, Netherlands,Italy, UK, China…
Writes and has had fiction works published in 2009.